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Wholesale Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Memphis, TN,

Renovating the floors of your client’s home or business means sticking to the budget they have set for the project. This can sometimes be a major challenge when they are looking for renovations that their budget just doesn’t allow. Fortunately, there is a way to help alleviate the situation – purchase wholesale luxury vinyl tile flooring in Memphis, TN, from our showroom.

When you purchase your materials from us, you are able to offer a broad range of design options to your clients that will help you achieve their goals while keeping their costs to a minimum. Resilient flooring is a wonderful option for individuals that want a floor that can mimic the look of premium flooring styles, but do not have the budget to afford stone, solid wood, or other pricey options.

Resilient Flooring Delivers Durability

Since first being introduced to homeowners more than 150 years ago, resilient flooring has become a very popular choice for people looking for durability and performance from their floors. These floors, typically made from vinyl, linoleum, cork, rubber, or asphalt, come in a variety of different styles that help you bring your next project to a successful completion while impressing your clients.

No matter which type of material you use, your resilient flooring is going to be strong enough to resist most damage from moisture or spills. It will also come with a wholesale price that makes it much easier for you to lower your overhead and turn in competitive bids to potential clients. Give your clients luxury at an affordable price by using resilient flooring from our showroom.

LVT – The Affordable Alternative

Modern floor manufacturing has made many wonderful breakthroughs throughout the years, but one of the biggest and best is the creation of LVT, also known as luxury vinyl tile. This flooring option is able to realistically mimic the appearance of hardwood and stone floors while costing just a fraction of what those luxury options cost. This enables you to offer clients the expensive-looking styles they want while allowing them to stay on a strict budget.

Working with the team at our showroom enables you to find the finest in luxury vinyl tile products for your clients. We not only help you find the perfect match to meet the demands of your clients, but also provide you with useful information that can help sell them on why this choice is the right one for their project. When someone is looking for a floor that looks good, is durable, and require minimal upkeep, then you are going to want to let them know that LVT is the right option for them.

Contact us to learn more about the selection of stylish wholesale luxury vinyl tile flooring we have available for contactors. Our showroom serves clients located throughout the Memphis, Tennessee, area, including Germantown and Lakeland.

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Find inspiration from hundreds of projects completed by our trade professional members, meet the project team and recreate the look for your own space.

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